Praise for The Thing Is:

"A story brimming with humor and heart, and an ending that's as unexpected as it is satisfying." -- Claire Ashby, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the novel, When You Make it Home

"Great story! Unexpected, delightful, uniquely creative…Kathleen Gerard not only understands the canine brain, but she gets people too. The Thing Is reminds us of how intricate and interwoven relationships are—and Prozac teaches us about grace and unconditional love."  -- Melody Carlson, author of the novels, The Christmas Joy RideFinding Alice, and The Christmas Dog

"Everyone could use a little Prozac. Kathleen Gerard's heartwarming and uplifting book will have you heading to a pound as soon as you put the book down (if you can ever manage to do it). An absolute page turner, The Thing is provides all the proof you'll ever need that dogs are truly nothing less than Four Legged Angels." -- Mary Curran Hackett, author of the novels, Proof of Heaven and Proof of Angels 

"Kathleen Gerard captures the powers of caring, connection, and resilience in her wonderful novel, The Thing Is. Prozac, the book's funny and wise canine hero, helps humans of all ages overcome their losses and grief, find happiness and adventure, and renew their joy in love and life." -- Susan Sipprelle, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Tree of Life Productions (Over 50 and Out of Work; Set for Life; Soldier On: Life After Deployment) 

"Eloquent - The Thing Is shines. If ever you need some time alone to cope with those extremes of life that test our courage, just read this fine book!" -- Grady Harp, Hall of Fame, Amazon "Vine Voice" Top 100 Reviewer

"A truly humorous twist on the issue of human frailty interacting with animal charm...offers a new take on grief recovery, which is both lighthearted and insightful!" -- Trudie BarrerasAmazon "Vine Voice" Top Reviewer

"You don’t have to be a dog person to fall in love with The Thing Is. Funny and heartwarming, it’s a great read about love, loss, and what it means to be human." -- Alessandra Harris, author of the novel, Blaming the Wind

"The Thing Is is, indeed, spirited in every way, and a reader need not love four legged creatures to love this story! It feels nothing short of delightful...Both main characters, human and canine alike, reveal their innermost thoughts...Along with an unpredictable ending, this is not your typical girl meets dog story."-- Fern Ronay, author of the novel, Better in the Morning

"A triumph! A gem of a story!" -- Maggie King, author of Murder at the Book Group

"A charming, innovative novel," Michael J. McCann, author of Sorrow Lake 

"A gentle romance, a curious mystery...and lots of fun. If you like your stories quirky with unique protagonists, then this one is for you!" -- Jane Hunt, author of The Dangerous Gift

"Kathleen Gerard is a sterling storyteller who held my heart in her hands from start to finish. I recommend The Thing Is to everyone who is a pet lover (or not) and to anyone who is grieving or facing the unknown. The Thing Is brings hope, happiness, and new beginnings. This is my BEST read this year...kudos to Ms. Gerard. You nailed it!" -- Pat Pascale, Fresh Fiction 

"Is this an endearing book about a dog? Yes. But it's more than that. The devastating ache of loss throbs through its pages from beginning to end. Even though the story is tempered with a good dose of humor and tail-wagging cuteness, be prepared—it's an emotional read with a capital E..." -- Nicole Langan, The Examiner

"If you enjoy stories of hope and fun, you will find this a enjoyable read. The Thing Is is a work for your library and one that will strike the fancy of dog lovers everywhere. There is charm and friendship throughout," Leslie Wright, Blog Critics

"I can't recommend this book highly enough. It's simply wonderful!" Laura Hinds, My Shelf

"This is a story that will touch you needs to be on your reading list!" -- Marsha Spohn, "Keeper Bookshelf"

"...A quirky, charming, heart-warming story!" -- Pamela Barrett at LibraryThing  and Amazon "Vine Voice" Top Reviewer

"An absolute jewel of a book...Highly recommended!" -- John Green, Amazon "Vine Voice" Top Reviewer 

"If you love books that have a strong story with a tad of humor thrown in, then you need to pick up this little gem...Everyone needs a little Prozac in their lives!" -- Barbara Briggs,"Booker T Farms"

"A great book for dog lovers, or pet lovers in general!" -- Paula Mitchell, "Community Bookstop"

"An easy and enjoyable read!" -- Kristi Herbrand, "Books and Needlepoint"

"I particularly like the aspect of turning loss into a positive and moving forward..." -- Alison Drew, "Ali - The Dragon Slayer"

"I teared up, I smiled... A great book everyone should read. This is not typical women's fiction." -- Kelly Smith, "Kelly Smith Reviews"

"This story is funny, heart-warming and full of hope. I give it 5-stars!" -- Emily C., "The Book Adventures of Emily" 

"A story that tugs at your heartstrings..." -- LuAnne Braley, "Back Porchervations"

"With a little tinge of romance, this book is quite catching. The writing is detailed and flows well. The characters are well built  and experience complex emotions." -- Jill Watson, "Book Mafia" 

"A light read...with a lot of humor..." -- Robin, "October Woman"

"I would highly recommend this has some lovely pearls of wisdom...You will laugh, and you will cry. Your heart will be moved by sweet (and crazy) Prozac!" -- Elizabeth, "Chick Lit Chickadees"

"THE THING IS is...hilarious and has a big heart!" -- Deepika Ramesh, "Worn Corners" 

"This story was extremely well written. It grabbed my attention and held it right to the end. The characters were interesting, real and likeable/loveable...I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys wonderful stories about new beginnings, relationships and of course, animals." -- Carla (librarian) LibraryThing

"An uplifting, heartfelt story..." -- Tracy Beth, "The Coffee Pot Review"

"...A delightful, heartwarming story, written by a superb story teller. It is a page turner that captures the reader and transports them to interact with these well crafted characters in a great adventure that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys brilliant stories about new beginnings and great relationships!" -- Elaine Brent, "Splashes Into Books"

"This book was a delight to read!" -- Jamie H., "Fluff, Smut & Murder"

"A sweet and multi-layered story...unique and extremely clever... The story was exceedingly well plotted, highly entertaining, and craftily unraveled by two narrators. This was my first Kathleen Gerard experience, but one I would gladly repeat into perpetuity!" -- Empress DJ, "Books and Bindings" 

"THE THING IS is beautifully told in such a way that the reader is involved in the story itself. The plot is well thought out and the characters are well developed and likable. This book is a keeper of the highest order. It will warm your heart!" -- DelAnne Frazee, "The Reading Room"

"I would highly recommend THE THING IS because it is a beautifully written story about getting over loss and stepping out of your comfort zone..." -- Sarah, "Sarah's Cozy Book Nook"

"...I was intrigued by the grief aspect of this story..." -- 
Kate Unger, blogger at "Mom's Radius"

"A wonderful story about loss and love..." -- 
Kris Metoyer, "Genuine Jenn"

"Totally lovely, heartwarming and hilarious...Some moments left me in tears, some moments made me laugh, and other moments touched deep into my soul." -- Elle, "Pretty Little Book Reviews"

"A wonderful read - both touching and funny!" -- Kim Heniadis, "Books and Wine and Tea and Whatever Else Amuses Me"

"This book takes a fresh look at grief recovery..." -- Matina Newsom, "Matina's Bookcase"

"I loved this book from Page 1...5-stars!" -- Amy, "Mrs. Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews"

"Cute, funny and very poignant...A read I'd recommend to anyone!" -- Jessica, "Writing Pearls"

"Oh my goodness, this book! I laughed so much, cried a little, and totally fell in love...THE THING IS is a heartwarming tale of new beginnings!" -- Carlene Welch, "Carlene Inspired"

"You HAVE to read this broaden your perspective on what love is" -- Connie Char, "The Character Connection"

"This is a beautifully written book, tender and deep. It touched me on so many levels," -- Carol Robart, "The Plot Thickens"

"You won't want to put this book down once you start it!" -- Shelley Giusti, "Shelley's Book Case"

"A warm, sweet, funny read" -- Danielle U, "Romancing the Book"

"Trust me, if you're looking for a book that uplifts the spirit, then consider this a MUST read" --  Mary Ann Langan, "Tribute Books Mama"

"An interesting read...with interesting characters - and a dog who is really a sort of guardian angel," Elle, "Simple Wyrdings"

"(This novel) offers the kind of do-good-for-others inspiration that you don't find in most books nowadays, but it's something the world needs a lot more of" -- City Girl Who Loves To Read

"A great cast of entertaining story!" -- Kathy Martin, "Inside of a Dog"

"A very humorous novel...and an easy read.  It has everything: humor, mystery, romance, suspense and my kind of ending!" -- Faith Flaherty, "The One True Faith"

"A book I enjoyed from cover to cover with characters that were easy to lose yourself in and a fur baby with heart and snark to spare!" -- Gina R., "Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers"

"Kathleen Gerard spins a delightful tale of humor and suspense, with a little bit of dog hair and drama. This heartfelt novel is a definite page turner for anyone who has ever had the pleasure of loving a dog!" -- Kate Kelly, "Celtic-Lady's Reviews"

"A unique book, like none I've ever read...There are so many endearing characters...The Thing Is is a wonderful book with an enormous amount of heart!" -- Kelly L. Sharpe, "Sweet is Always in Style" 

"Wisdom...dished out in a fun story!" -- Kathryn, "The Book Date"

"A little mystery and a little romance thrown in for good measure...this book was an immensely enjoyable read. Kathleen Gerard pulls off a dog’s point of view with great skill." -- Robin, "Once Upon a Romance Reviews"

"Mystery and excitment to the end...a fun read!" -- Bella, "Bella Reads and Reviews Books"

"A tale of learning to savor each day of life...Kathleen Gerard is a talented storyteller who takes on the subjects of life and death and what happens in-between...with a little help from a super-smart little Yorkie!" -- Virginia Campbell, "Booked Solid with Virginia C"

"A really great read...Prozac will steal your heart!" -- Angie Young, "The Little Reading Cabin"

"A nice, light read that you’ll want to re-read just to enjoy the laughs all over again! Nicely done!" -- Viviane Crystal, Amazon "Vine Voice" Top Reviewer

"A truly enjoyable book, which dragged me in and wouldn't let me stop reading until I got to the unexpected conclusion!" -- Long and Short Reviews

"There are so many adjectives to describe this book--heartwarming, inspirational, humorous, and most all just plain fun...This is such a special book. Highly recommended!" -- Glenda Bixler, "Book Reader's Heaven"

"Witty characters with lessons learned along the way!" -- Leslie, "StoreyBook Reviews"

"A beautifully written, inspirational story...that will brighten even the darkest of days!" -- Shell, "Common Book Sense"